Preparing your property for buyer inspections

04-07-2016 | First impressions count! You want potential buyers to enter your home and automatically feel welcome, comfortable and give them the idea that this could be a potential property for them. Spend time before each inspection to present your home at its best ensuring your personal items including everyday items are put away. Your kitchen should present as new, without clutter on the benches, dishes in the sink or drying rack. No one likes an unmade bed, toys spread over the living room or clothes not in the wardrobe. Open your blinds allowing for as much sunshine to come through as possible, a fresh bowl of fruit or vase of flowers positioned in a high traffic area of your home always provides a lovely appeal. Prior to the inspection warm or cool the home to a comfortable temperature, light a candle for a pleasant aroma and tidy up external areas and water the garden so it is fresh and vibrant.